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Re-Orienting Ancient Medicine Courses - Resources

Open Richly Annotated Cuneiform Corpus (

Dr. Moudhy Al-Rashi twitter (

Maddelena Rumor (work on pharmacology, dreckapotheke (

JoAnn Scurlock, Sourcebook of Ancient Medicine (; ACLS e-book:

Markham Geller, Ancient Babylonian Medicine (

Ulrike Steinert (ed), Systems of Classification in Pre-Modern Medicine (; OPEN ACCESS available

Alexander Jones and Liba Taub (ed), Cambridge History of Science: Ancient Science (

Rebecca Hasselbach-Andee (ed), A Companion to Ancient Near Eastern Languages (

Francesca Rochberg, Before Nature (

Henry Cowles, The Scientific Method (

Erica Couta-Ferreira, work on children and women's health care (

Ulrike Steinert, work on classifications and gynecology (

David Bloor on Azande witchcraft and logic from Knowledge and Social Imagery (pp. 138–146) (

Bruno Latour "On the Partial Existence of Existing and Nonexisting Objects" in Lorraine Daston (ed) Biographies of Scientific Objects (


Fluid Matters (online publication)

Crip Antiquity (disability activism in ancient studies)

The Recipes Project

ΦΥΣΙΣ ΚΑΙ ΦΥΤΑ: On Nature and Plants in Ancient Greece

Gardens of the Roman Empire - Archeological Database

Greco-Roman Antimicrobial Minerals Project (GR-AMS) 


Thesaurus Linguae Graecae

Corpus Medicorum Graecorum/Latinorum (online editions available)

Online Galen texts:

Online Arabic translations of Galenic texts: 

The Syriac Galen Palimpsest

Online texts for Arabic Medicine


Corpus Medicorum Graecorum/Latinorum Bibliographies of Hippocrates and Galen 

Heidi Wolf-Marx: Zotero Bibliography for Roman Medicine

Also accessed through this webpage:

Diotima Bibliographies on:

The Body 

Ancient Medicine and Gynecology

Contraception and Abortion: 


Wellcome Library Digital Collections 

Duke University History of Medicine Collection

Greek Medicine and Philosophy (The British Library: accessible essay and images of manuscripts)

Surgical Instruments from Ancient Rome, University of Virginia 

Hygieia: Health, Illness, Treatment from Homer to Galen – Museum of Cycladic Art, Exhibition 

Medicine in Classical Antiquity (The Met: accessible essays and various images)

The Thymele at Epidauros, digital recreation

University of Chicago - OI 

Tebtynis Papyrus Database

Ekdosis Typesetting Tool for multilingual critical editions

This webinar series was part of the course ARCH 1765: Pandemics, Pathogens, and Plagues in the Greek and Roman Worlds taught by Tyler Franconi throught the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology at Brown University. All talks have been posted on youtube and are available to the public. For full descriptions, and further information, visit the class website.

History, Biology and the Antonine Plague, Kyle Harper (University of Oklahoma)

Watch a recording of Kyle Harper’s talk here:

The Economic Impact of the Antonine Plague, Andrew Wilson, University of Oxford

Watch a recording of Andrew Wilson’s talk here:

Quisquamne regno gaudet? Politics and Plague in Seneca’s Oedipus, Hunter Gardner, University of South Carolina

Watch a recording of Hunter Gardner’s talk here:

Palaeogenetic Insights into the First Plague Pandemic (541-750), Marcel Keller, University of Tartu

Watch a recording of Marcel Keller’s talk here: