by Jessica Wright

May 4, 2022

Editorial Note

Research psychologists in London have just proposed a new disease category called "COVID Anxiety Syndrome," which supposedly identifies maladaptive responses to the pandemic. Jessica Wright discusses how pathologizing risk-aversion can be seen within broader social strategies to codify an end to an emergency whose impacts still vary widely across groups and whose conclusion continues to be dispersed.

by Colin Webster & Jessica Wright

Apr. 11, 2022

Today we launch The Rootcutter, the official blog for the Society for Ancient Medicine. It will be a home for accessible scholarly writing about the history of medicine in the ancient world and gather materials that nourish a historically-informed and self-reflective relationship to ancient medicine.

Modern herbalist Maria Christodoulou chronicles her experiment recreating Dioscorides' ancient recipe for medicinal wine infused with the herb thyme.

The Best Doctor Is Also a Historian

The Rootcutter's inaugural essay series aims at exploring connections between ancient and modern medicines—and not only the connections we make, but also why we make those connections and what impact they have on how we think about and conduct modern medical practices, both as healthcare experts and as service users. This series has been generously funded by the Society for Classical Studies Ancient Worlds, Modern Communities grant.

Our first essay in this series is now live. For Maria Christadoulou's account of experimenting with an ancient herbal wine recipe, hop over to her essay A Clinical Herbalist Attempts to Make Ancient Greek Herbal Wine.

Do you have an idea for the Rootcutter? Would you like to contribute to the blog? The Rootcutter welcomes contributors from all academic levels, as well as medical practitioners, or service uses with an interest in ancient healing practices. We are interested in short reflections, brief translations, or book reviews. Details and guidelines can be found on our "Expression of Interest" form.